Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Buying Power

Buying Power

I love things.  Being able to hold something in my hands or swipe my credit card to purchase said item always gives me a little high.  Am I a shopaholic?  That depends on who you ask, but generally I'm fairly good with my money.  

Once I started thinking about going "greener" or cutting out my plastic consumption the first thing I wanted to do though was "buy, Buy, BUY!".  Now that I'm cutting down my plastic wouldn't it be great to invest in a ceramic soup mug to eat my ramen in?  How about buying a new set up utensils to leave at work so I'm not using plastic?  I'm running out of toothpaste, wouldn't the new LUSH tooth-y tabs help with my plastic consumption?  

I am constantly surrounded by gadgets and items that would help me "go green", but do I really need them?  I had this same eco-kick once I arrived back from the Philippines in 2008, but did the things I do then create a lasting habit?  My klean kanteen still sits on a shelf since I prefer my clear plastic water bottles.  The recycled paper Christmas cards I send out every year?  More than likely trashed.  

My goal is to evaluate the things I want to buy and see if I really need them.  If I do and they would help with my plastic consumption, great!  If not, we will see. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Coke, Soda, Pop

Coke, Soda, Pop

No matter what you call it I'm a pretty big soda drinker.  Coming from rural Tennessee I was raised on Mountain Dew and have been known to spend my day drinking nothing but the sugary goodness of that soda.  Over the years I've done a few things to cut down my soda consumption from only allowing myself to drink soda in the car to purchasing it only before work events where I will need the caffeine.  

Fast forward to the past couple of weeks.  Work has been rough, let's face it when you end up working 14-16 hour days and are running on 3 hours of sleep Mountain Dew is a lifesaver.  What can I do to change things?  Well in the time being I'm not going to purchase anymore plastic bottle sodas, but I will allow myself to buy sodas that are packaged in glass bottles.  Let's see how this goes!     

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eco Life Crisis

As I enter my Quarter Life Crisis (25) I've starting to wonder…  What have I offered the world?  Have I really made a difference?  Am I turning in a boring 20-something?   At the same time what am I actually doing to change things?  I hope that this blog will help me evaluate what I’m doing to make a change in my life and others.     Goals: 
  • READ!  Read as much literature about the environment and bettering myself. Currently I’m reading Beth Terry’s “Plastic Free” to get a better understanding of plastic on our environment.
  • Evaluate my plastic consumption:  What can I do to make a change and work to eradicate one-time-use objects in my life
  • Shopping:  What new products can I find to support this lifestyle and what can I get rid of?
 Join me on this journey and help keep me accountable!