Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Buying Power

Buying Power

I love things.  Being able to hold something in my hands or swipe my credit card to purchase said item always gives me a little high.  Am I a shopaholic?  That depends on who you ask, but generally I'm fairly good with my money.  

Once I started thinking about going "greener" or cutting out my plastic consumption the first thing I wanted to do though was "buy, Buy, BUY!".  Now that I'm cutting down my plastic wouldn't it be great to invest in a ceramic soup mug to eat my ramen in?  How about buying a new set up utensils to leave at work so I'm not using plastic?  I'm running out of toothpaste, wouldn't the new LUSH tooth-y tabs help with my plastic consumption?  

I am constantly surrounded by gadgets and items that would help me "go green", but do I really need them?  I had this same eco-kick once I arrived back from the Philippines in 2008, but did the things I do then create a lasting habit?  My klean kanteen still sits on a shelf since I prefer my clear plastic water bottles.  The recycled paper Christmas cards I send out every year?  More than likely trashed.  

My goal is to evaluate the things I want to buy and see if I really need them.  If I do and they would help with my plastic consumption, great!  If not, we will see. 

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