Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eco Beauty

Eco Beauty

I am an avid Youtube Beauty Vlogger viewer.  Michelle Phan, JuicyStar07, AllThatGlitters21, MakeUpByTiffanyD: I have been following them since early 2007.  I've grown up with these women and their beauty advice.  Do I actually follow any of them?  No.  (I can tell you all about the latest MAC collection or what the best eye primer is though).  There are some things in my life that are beauty constants though and I want to see how I can improve on them.  

My Current Loves:
  • St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub- I have an EXTREMELY OILY face that is prone to acne and I love the feeling of scrubbers on my face.
  • John Frieda Brilliant Brunette- I have really long hair which, well, gets oily.  The only shampoo and conditioner that I've consistently used for the past few years has been this one.
  • Carmex Lip Balm- I apply lip balm on my lips constantly since they dry out so fast (ok, ok, I know that it is probably a product of me using too much lip balm).  I've used other chapsticks (burts bees is a weird consistency, Chapstick doesn't stay on long enough), but they have never been up to the caliber of Carmex.
  • Clinique Yellow Moisturizer- I've used this stuff since I was 13, it's pretty much a staple of my day.
What can I change?

  • Shikai Shampoo-  After reading online a while ago about the best eco friendly shampoos I ran across Shikai Shampoo. It is a better dupe for the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette than I've seen in eco friendly and non-eco friendly shampoos.  I think I will continue to purchase it, but it comes in small amounts in a plastic bottle.  
  • Other changes?  We will see, I'm still researching to see what would be best.  

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