Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bulk Bins

The illustrious bulk bins the area of my life where I know I could make the easiest change, yet I'm still hesitant.  My family has never really been one that would use bulk bins, especially in a time when plastic packaging is so abundant.  The only time I ever remember buying from bulk bins was before I went to summer camp as a child and my dad let me get a bag full of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (from what I remember we were both surprised that a small bulk bag of Jelly Beans ended up costing us close to $15).  The thing that makes me shy away from Bulk Bins is the convenience factor.  Dried beans?  I don't have time for those!  The fact that you have to decide the night before what you want to cook doesn't work well with a fast paced DC lifestyle.  I also have to battle the fact that most of my containers at home are plastic containers and I'm only now starting to stock up on glass jars.  Because of this I don't have a good place to store my bulk bin items.  For now I'm hoping to take the plunge into bulk bins soon, and I hope that it doesn't become a burden in the process.

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