Thursday, May 9, 2013

DC Summer Heat

DC Summer Heat

Washington DC is known for politics, memorials and HEAT!  The city was founded on a swamp of all places.  Since the summer is so hot and keeping cool is always a concern what can we do to cool off while making sure that we are being eco friendly?  Let's take a look at the ways:

  • Carry your own reusable water bottle.  It's tempting to buy drinks while you are out and about, but those cost a lot of money and create waste.  I know that this will be interesting for me personally since I downside my purse and try to carry as little as possible during the hot summer months. 
  • Use less straws, or bring your own!  I'm considering purchasing a dharma glass straw to cut down on the small waste, but when it's hot and you order milk shakes or any additional drinks don't forget about the small plastic that is generated from your actions.
  • Clothing-  I know that my boyfriends sweats a lot, to the point that he is uncomfortable from not only the heat but from his sweat.  After doing a project for school he recently learned about the plastic water bottle shirts that are offered from UnderArmour.  Not only do they give back to the community in Baltimore, they are taking more steps to become eco-friendly.  One of their newest products is a sweat wicking shirt that is made from recycled bottles.  Though buying new clothes creates additional items for landfills, this is a product I can get behind.    

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