Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sea Otters!

At the end of July Andrew and I will be traveling to Monterey for one of his college friend's weddings.  For one thing I'm incredibly excited to go to the beach (and hopefully all of this running will give be a bang'n bikini body), but I'm also excited for the Monterey Bay Aquarium!  One of my favorite things in the world are Sea Otters.  Many times when I'm sad or depressed I'll turn on the Monterey Bay Aquarium webcam of the Sea Otters (see below).  It's hard to believe that my actions are harming them and the Sea Otters in the ocean.  For something so small, why should my actions wreck such havoc on their eco system?  What have they done (Ok, besides raping baby seals.  Not even kidding, look it up.  Or don't, that way they will stay cute in your mind)?  I'm afraid that in the future generations won't be able to look out on the beautiful sandy beaches without seeing dead fish carcasses and plastic.  I'm hoping to see what I can do while I'm there to help, or at least educate myself and others.

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