Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eco Life Crisis

As I enter my Quarter Life Crisis (25) I've starting to wonder…  What have I offered the world?  Have I really made a difference?  Am I turning in a boring 20-something?   At the same time what am I actually doing to change things?  I hope that this blog will help me evaluate what I’m doing to make a change in my life and others.     Goals: 
  • READ!  Read as much literature about the environment and bettering myself. Currently I’m reading Beth Terry’s “Plastic Free” to get a better understanding of plastic on our environment.
  • Evaluate my plastic consumption:  What can I do to make a change and work to eradicate one-time-use objects in my life
  • Shopping:  What new products can I find to support this lifestyle and what can I get rid of?
 Join me on this journey and help keep me accountable!

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